Common Courtesy is ‘Racist’

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My two cents:
What strikes me most is that intent was not taken into account at all. The very first *assumption* made by Brookshire is taken as truth, and the reader is made to believe that he has a racist and insensitive neighbor who is threatening and condescending to him. Also, the article seems to insinuate that ‘persons of color’ are louder and less refined than ‘white people,’ and ‘white people’ should not try to impose ‘their’ social norms on ‘people of color,’ or something..? Anyway, the reader does not find out until the very end of the article that David O. (the neighbor who complained initially) had no idea that Brookshire is ‘black.’ Leave it to the mainstream media to get everyone all riled up with an article titled: ‘Learn your manners,’ a white man wrote to his black neighbor. This was the response.
This is quite a manipulative article (like most in the mainstream); it upsets the reader beginning at the headline, then builds on the outrage and incredulity and makes us feel pity for the ‘victim,’ reinforces racial stereotypes, then quietly tells us that, ‘oh, by the way, the neighbor did not even know that Brookshire is “black.”‘ Why was the article not emphasizing the sad state of affairs that a young man with quite a persecution complex not only decided to write a response letter to his neighbor making all sorts of *wrong* assumptions and leveling accusations at him, but decided to post it on social media to gather the world to his pity party? Also, isn’t it just considerate to keep your voice down late at night? Maybe he simply forgot his manners and rather should have apologized to his neighbor? It would certainly have been more constructive and improved the relationship with his neighbor had he just knocked on the door, introduced himself and apologized for the disturbance. Brookshire assumed racism and assumed that his ‘white’ neighbor was speaking from a position of ‘privilege,’ but what does common courtesy have to do with skin color?
Watch out for the media; they definitely have an agenda to divide us. Stay sharp!
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Learn Your Manners

Infinite Division
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It’s one thing to see it being promoted in the outside world, but what is perhaps
most shocking and depressing is the depths of racism in the hearts of people
you’ve known your whole life. How many of us have had to deal with a close
friend or family member saying something racist, then attempting to coax us into
agreement with them? At which point we stand there wishing to leap right out of
our own skin (whatever color it may be) and run for the nearest exit? What’s
worse is that, there does not seem to be a response to them that will not lead to
a direct confrontation and ultimately, full-scale war. The frequency of these
types of encounters is increasing as of late, and it has everything to do with the
current political environment which includes the blatant nonsense they have
been feeding college students the past few decades. When we are in college,
we are now encouraged to join clubs where we can whine and cry about being
‘victims.’ How could this ever be appealing to anyone?? “Hey, guys, I’m so
excited! I’m joining a club where I complain for hours on end and marginalize
myself and everyone else, yippy!” Really??
I miss adults. When I was little, I figured that one day, I would be an adult, and
my peers and I would, you know, run the world. Sadly, most of my peers have
moved back in with their parents (assuming they managed to move out at all),
and their main goal in life is how to spend the rest of their days being perpetually entertained.
But, I digress. So, back to adults: those wise, responsible people who, love them or hate them,
would step in and make the hard decisions, give everyone a sense of direction, set the
expectations, etc. Guess what? No one becomes an adult by being a whining
little crybaby. Everyone needs to just suck it up and realize that discrimination
in any form you can possibly imagine exists. You are very likely to experience it
most of your life in some way; this holds true no matter what color, sex, age,
weight, etc. you are. You will be misunderstood. You will be misperceived. You
will be disrespected. You will be left out, made fun of and yes, even insulted.
Please just deal with it like an adult, and stop acting like a sniveling brat and
running to your club so you can have you feelings ‘validated’ and your hatred of
anyone not in your club reinforced. If people focused on waking up and being
awesome everyday, there would be a lot less whining going on. How about
joining clubs in which everyone encourages awesomeness? In fact, to hell with
clubs. Be yourself, and stop trying to identify with people based on arbitrary
physical characteristics. God is not a racist, and He does not want you to be
one either. He wants us to unite together in His name.

Below is a link to yet another article about California state colleges offering segregated housing. Yes, you read that correctly: segregated. The long, hard-fought battle to integrate schools is now null and void. Orwellian language is being used to manipulate students into voluntarily divvying themselves up into skin color living spaces. This language insists that segregated housing is actually ‘inclusive.’ Whoever is writing these articles seriously needs to purchase a dictionary. ‘Segregation’ and ‘inclusion’ are OPPOSITES. For anyone who is not aware of the history behind school segregation, please start by browsing for: ‘Brown v. Board of Education’ and the ‘Little Rock Nine’ or click on the links below.
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CalState Housing Article
Little Rock Nine
Brown v. Board of Education

I just finished reading an article that demonstrates that the powers that be that are trying to divide Americans are having incredible success in doing so. The self-titled “POC” (People of Color) students at Claremont College are refusing to room with anyone referred to as “white.” There are direct quotes from the students expressing that they do not feel ‘safe’ or ‘comfortable’ around these so-called “white” students. What is worse than this obvious bigotry, is that the students wishing to room only with “POC” students do not understand that it is racist to assume that ALL of those deemed “white” are out to oppress/hurt/or otherwise offend them. While reading the article, I experienced several head smacking moments. Please brace yourself…

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Future leaders of America?