Below is a link to yet another article about California state colleges offering segregated housing. Yes, you read that correctly: segregated. The long, hard-fought battle to integrate schools is now null and void. Orwellian language is being used to manipulate students into voluntarily divvying themselves up into skin color living spaces. This language insists that segregated housing is actually ‘inclusive.’ Whoever is writing these articles seriously needs to purchase a dictionary. ‘Segregation’ and ‘inclusion’ are OPPOSITES. For anyone who is not aware of the history behind school segregation, please start by browsing for: ‘Brown v. Board of Education’ and the ‘Little Rock Nine’ or click on the links below.
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CalState Housing Article
Little Rock Nine
Brown v. Board of Education

I just finished reading an article that demonstrates that the powers that be that are trying to divide Americans are having incredible success in doing so. The self-titled “POC” (People of Color) students at Claremont College are refusing to room with anyone referred to as “white.” There are direct quotes from the students expressing that they do not feel ‘safe’ or ‘comfortable’ around these so-called “white” students. What is worse than this obvious bigotry, is that the students wishing to room only with “POC” students do not understand that it is racist to assume that ALL of those deemed “white” are out to oppress/hurt/or otherwise offend them. While reading the article, I experienced several head smacking moments. Please brace yourself…

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Future leaders of America?

Pray for Dallas to Unite

Before you fall for any hype, DON’T. Before you allow the media and devil to start a war, remember the truth: The United States is NOT at war. The so called ‘races’ are NOT at war.
Remember your neighbors, your families, your fellow Christians, your classmates,, your colleagues, your friends; we are a united people. Do not allow the media to over-simplify and attempt to polarize a multi-faceted situation. Are there criminals out there? Yes, there are criminals. Are there bad cops? Yes, there are bad cops. Is everyone a criminal? No, not every person is a criminal. Are all cops bad cops? No, of course not. Are all criminals of the same hue? No, that’s ridiculous. Are all cops of the same hue? No, of course not.
Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by the agenda of the powers that be. Stay focused on FACTS.
Our most sincere prayers go out to all of the families of the slain and injured officers in Dallas, TX today. May Jesus bring comfort to their hearts. Peace.

If you can stomach it, please read this brief article linked in green here:
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Here is a direct quote from it:
“I felt like the way to really end racism was to feel guilty for it, and to make other White people feel guilty for it too.” -Ali Michael

Normally, I would not even bother to post something so utterly asinine, but this needs to be addressed. This academia-addled idiot is promoting a false concept that is based on arbitrary physical characteristics: the notion of ‘race.’ The entire concept that people are innately pre-disposed to certain behaviors, preferences, associations, etc. is ridiculous. It is just as ridiculous as claiming that blue-eyed people are more likely to enjoy walks in the woods than brown-eyed people.
That being said, it is important to note that based on this fictional identity (‘race’), the media, academia and the government have worked very hard to create and promote race-based ‘cultures’ which push the idea of biological racism. Sadly, most people blindly follow and participate in these ‘cultures’ as if they were a fact of life.

If you had never been prompted by the media, government, school or even your own family members, would you ‘identify’ as a ‘race?’

Why did the powers that be choose skin color to use as a divide-and-conquer mechanism? Well, it is immediately visible when people encounter each other (for those with sight). It is also fairly easy to discern when someone is standing at a distance from another person. If the powers that be wanted to pit people against each other, it is ideal that the distinctions be quickly ascertainable. So, over time, those in power have pushed the idea that physical attributes actually determine our behaviors, level of intelligence, allegiances, favorite foods, etc. Affirmative Action is an example of this. Also, a particularly gruesome and tragic example is the Rwanda genocide (more on that here:
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families ). People who had been neighbors, friends and even family members viciously hacked each other up with machetes because an outsider showed up and told them that there were ‘differences’ between them, and that these differences made one group superior to the ‘other.’

So, professor, you think people should feel guilty for being ‘white’ (whatever the hell *that* means!)? YOU should feel guilty for pushing RACISM and then insisting that you are an intelligent, caring professor. (You should also feel guilty for being in direct disobedience to God who commanded all people to be fruitful and multiply, but that’s another issue…). Feel guilty for actual wrongdoings, not physical characteristics outside of your control.

I am not a ‘race.’ I do not belong to any imaginary race, and quite frankly, I have so many bloodlines pulsing through my veins, I wouldn’t even know with which of the established imaginary races to choose to ‘identify.’ I suspect that if people are being honest, this is true for pretty much everyone on the planet.

The only label I will willingly give myself is ‘Christian,’ (and hesitantly at that because I know so many who call themselves Christian who are not even remotely so). In the words of the late Johnny Cash, “I’m a Christian; don’t put me in another box.”

What about you? Are you a ‘race?’ Do you think God cares what color your skin (or eyes, or hair, or sofa, or whatever) is? Next time someone asks you to fill in a little bubble on a form stating your ‘race,’ remember who you actually ARE. Enough with the arbitrary color designations. Fight the powers that be, stop giving in to them! Stop falling for this nonsense!! Be who you are, not what they TELL you to be. Otherwise, we might as well get out the machetes.

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